Warm embraces in that sanguine tree,
Be happy.
I’ll watch your twisted lips and sunburnt noses intertwine
Spitting with the smoky kiss of time.

Warm embraces in those sanguine leaves
Knotted sleeves
I’ll bring your stars together in passionate detonation
With gentle, soft caress and sweet flirtation

Warm embraces in sanguine branches
Dream dances
Collision of the senses in a swirling ball of fire
Filled with pure and infinite desire.

Warm embraces in our sanguine roots
Graceful flutes
The calm, green revelations and the breathing slow and deep
Lulled off to a long, contented sleep.

Warm embraces in that sanguine tree,
You’re happy.
I’ll watch your twisted hearts and sunburnt spirits intertwine
Dying with the dwindling flames of time.


About pasameerday

I haven't got a lot of time to keep you interested, so I'll be quick. I'm a writer from the UK, primarily of fantasy and sci-fi short stories, and occasionally of strange, nonsensical poetry. I like cats, the Sims, and pizza, and I go to sleep to the sound of a keyboard. I've been writing for my entire life; to be honest, I don't think I could ever bring myself to stop. I have a feeling I'm losing you, so I'll bring this to an end before you slowly start to back up, hoping I'll stop talking long enough for you to make a quick getaway. Wait... Where are you going? Hey! Wait! ... Stop!!
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