I Love You When…

I love you when you smile, and your happiness leaks onto your lips,

When you share it with a moment-long, softly-sown kiss.

I love you when we simply sit in cotton silence

Writing love notes on each other’s palms with our fingertips.

I love you when you hum under your breath and close your eyes,

When I say the words but you just being here is all I need of a reply.

I love you when your words just blur into storm of light,

And the cool stars in the distance, blinking slow, brighten the skies.

I love you when I’m here, and you are far from where you should be,

When you speak, but all I hear is static on the radio when I’m asleep.

I love you when all that’s left of you is tiny pieces;

There are parts of you that can’t be torn away by any wind or sea.


Come what may, I’ll love you, because you’re a part of me.


About pasameerday

I haven't got a lot of time to keep you interested, so I'll be quick. I'm a writer from the UK, primarily of fantasy and sci-fi short stories, and occasionally of strange, nonsensical poetry. I like cats, the Sims, and pizza, and I go to sleep to the sound of a keyboard. I've been writing for my entire life; to be honest, I don't think I could ever bring myself to stop. I have a feeling I'm losing you, so I'll bring this to an end before you slowly start to back up, hoping I'll stop talking long enough for you to make a quick getaway. Wait... Where are you going? Hey! Wait! ... Stop!!
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